Development Technologies

Our Three Lines of Business Help Our Clients Succeed by Fully Leveraging the Value of IT in Support of Their Mission

Business Solutions & Services Sector (BSS)

  •  Industry-specific, technology-enabled business solutions
  •  Industry-specific business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions
  •  Consulting and systems integration
  •  Software and systems development

Managed Services Sector (MSS)

  • Secure IT management for applications and infrastructure
  • Applications portfolio management
  • Testing services
  • Remote infrastructure services
  • Networks, computing, and storage services
  • Mobility and end-user services


National Public Sector (NPS)

  • Program management and professional services
  • Systems integration
  • Range and base operations
  • Infrastructure services
  • Specialized engineering solutions and services

By design, our solutions portfolio meets our clients’ most complex challenges. Whether it’s improving

Customer service, protecting information assets or achieving globalization — we bring business perspective,

 Experience and practical ingenuity to every engagement. Following are some of the industry groups

We serve and the solutions we provide:




Chemical, Energy & Natural Resources

Financial Services

Health Services


Public Sector



Cloud Hosting

Credit Services

Enterprise ERP Solutions

Hosting Services

Legal Solutions

Managed Network Services

Management Consulting


Risk Management & Claims


Service Oriented Architecture

Supply Chain Management

Testing Services


Web design and graphics

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Aftereffects.

Web (application) development

TOPSOFT CMS (Content Management System), HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, PHP, Action Script, Mysql, MS Sql

Software Development

Java, Visual Basic.Net,PHP/MYSQL

Open Source CMS platforms

Drupal,Joomla,Magento,WordPress,EzPublisher, Elxis, Typo etc.

Mobile application/game development .USSD and GSM


Soft Phones

Elastixs, Asterix

OpenSource Implementation

OrangeHRM, OpenERP,OpenSIS, Moodle,Knowledge Tree,OpenKm,sugarCRM, Vtiger CRM etc

Security and Network Inventory


Mail and Server Applications

Zimbra, Qmail

In developing our project execution model, we at TOPSOFT adhere to the international standards like CMMI-SW, Rational Unified Process and ISO 9001:2000 to make the project flow easy and transparent for the client. Every project has its 5 stages, which are:

1. Inception

2. Requirements Management

3. Software Solution Development

4. Product Integration

5. Quality Assurance




This is when the initial requirements collection takes place – our business analysts and software architects will carefully study your requirements to prepare a comprehensive proposal. You don’t have to provide us with structured documentation. Just let us know your thoughts and expectations, and our specialists will work on defining all the details by asking you some questions and offering our ideas on your project. The proposal is free for you and has no obligations.


Requirements Management


At this stage we will clearly describe your requirements in project documentation. Our specialists will prepare a proposal describing the product’s performance, technologies, design features, verification requirements, etc. as well as the estimation of workload and cost of the project.

The requirements management allows for the activities for obtaining and controlling requirement changes and ensuring that other relevant plans and data are kept current. Requirements management continues all through the project, culminating in the comparison of the product against the requirements.


Software Solution Development


The software solution development is the greatest stage of the project where most of the programming, coding and testing takes place.


Product Integration

At the Product Integration stage we define the best possible integration sequence, integrate product components and deliver the product to the client.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an essential part of any project, which ensures the top quality of our solutions. This is a complicated process, which takes place at all other stages of the project and includes the following activities:

• Strong project management

• Transparent project flow

• Well-defined requirements and structured project documentation

• Deep testing, bug-tracking and fixing

• Process monitoring, product evaluation in regard to the specified requirements and client expectations

• Usability analysis

• Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection 

Our Architecture Consultancy practice is specialized in helping enterprises successfully and securely use open source software. We provide commercial-grade technical support
 for open Source tools, built open source governance model, open source product evaluation. We also have a library of pre-built yet configurable components commonly used in any project. Whether you're planning to upgrade your open source platform or whether you want to develop Proof Of Concept (POC) or you just want to migrate your existing custom built application to open Source based platform we can help you. We guarantee that our strong technical consultancy practice will add business value without any overhead We are considered both innovative and pragmatic by our customers, delivering top-tier Open Source Solutions efficiently and economically.

Open Source Support and Training

We have expert Open Source development and support staff that is specialized in bug fixes or customization of open source code to suit client needs. Our commercial-grade support and indemnification for open source enables you to safely deploy open source and stay on top of critical updates. 

Corporate Training

We understand that you do not want to invest in new resources when your talented J2EE resources are available and understand your environment like their home. We understand that you want to use them for open source projects also. We provide hands on project like training to your existing developers/architects/admin resources. We provide on job support even after training period is over. Check out our training page for more details.

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