Assets Manager Module

Features Overview

The Fixed Assets Manager module allows the recording of individual fixed assets into the database and integration back to the webERP General Ledger.

  • Assets are assigned a unique id number.
  • Any number of fixed asset categories can be defined e.g. Plant, Equipment, Buildings etc.
  • Assets can be depreciated using either straight line or diminishing value depreciation methods.
  • Each asset can have it's own depreciation rate.
  • Any number of fixed asset locations can be defined. Assets can only belong to one location.
  • Assets can be listed by category and location so they can be readily identified in a fixed asset audit.
  • Depreciation calculation and posting run checks if it has been previously run, and defaults the run date to avoid duplicated depreciation runs.
  • A transaction log of depreciation, additions and disposals is maintained by the system.
  • Full fixed asset schedule of any date period range is possible.
  • Fixed asset general ledger posting is performed based on the GL accounts specified in any number of user defined, fixed asset categories.
  • Fixed asset maintenance tasks can be logged and assigned to an individual with a manager. These tasks can then be used to generate a maintenance schedules.

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