General Ledger Module

The general ledger is the accounting hub that is central to the "sub" ledgers for creditors (Accounts Payable), debtors (Accounts Receivable) and stock (inventory). All entries in the sub ledgers are also represented by entries in the general ledger. It is the integration set-up that determines how entries in the sub-ledgers are reflected in the general ledger. Most activity in the general ledger will be automatically created from the activity in the sub-ledgers with receivables, payables and stock administration.


However, there are also facilities to:

  • Enter general ledger receipts against a pre-defined bank accounts.
  • Enter general ledger payments against pre-defined bank accounts.
  • Enter general ledger journals between any general ledger accounts - except bank accounts. These can also be made to reverse automatically in the following period. Further journals can be posted to any period future or previously - the period is determined by reference to the date entered.
  • Inquire on general ledger account activity and from any entry in this inquiry drill down to the journals created to produce the entry.
  • Inquire on the general ledger trial balance for any period end in history or currently.

Produce cost centre profit and loss accounts for each cost centre (called "tags")

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