Receivables Module


A primary function of the system is to track the amounts owed to the business by customers in both local and foreign currency. The system shows, invoice-by-invoice, the balance on the account and does not lose the detail of what makes the account up in a balance brought forward - it is an "open item" system. When payments received from customers are entered and allocated to invoices, the differences on exchange are calculated and posted to the general ledger - that is only if integration to the general ledger is enabled from the company preferences page under the setup tab.


  • Overdues inquiry that takes into account delivery days to the customer's branch and the actual terms applicable to the customer, supported by detailed inquiry of actual invoices overdue.
  • Full on-screen inquiry on a customer's account, complete with invoice details and narrative which appeared on the invoice. Inquiries on payments received will show how a payment was allocated to invoices and the difference on exchange attributable to each invoice.
  • Full integration with stock records and general ledger -a full trail of journals for each transaction is maintained - a drill down to the general ledger transactions for each transaction on a customers account is available from the customer inquiry page.
  • Open item - full analysis of the outstanding balance is maintained and printed on statements for maximum information to the customer.
  • Flexible user definable sales analysis reports to pdf or spreadsheet (csv - comma separated values).
  • Retrospective - de-allocation and re-allocation of receipts or credit notes against charges with re-calculation of differences on exchange and corresponding general ledger journals
  • Any number of branch - delivery addresses can be added serviced by different sales people with different tax authorities and different areas for sales analysis purposes.
  • Unlimited free form notes can be maintained for each customer and an unlimited number of contacts can be stored against each customer>

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