Open Source Solutions
Our Architecture Consultancy practice is specialized in helping enterprises successfully and securely use open source software. We provide commercial-grade technical support
 for open Source tools, built open source governance model, open source product evaluation. We also have a library of pre-built yet configurable components commonly used in any project. Whether you're planning to upgrade your open source platform or whether you want to develop Proof Of Concept (POC) or you just want to migrate your existing custom built application to open Source based platform we can help you. We guarantee that our strong technical consultancy practice will add business value without any overhead We are considered both innovative and pragmatic by our customers, delivering top-tier Open Source Solutions efficiently and economically.

Open Source Support and Training

We have expert Open Source development and support staff that is specialized in bug fixes or customization of open source code to suit client needs. Our commercial-grade support and indemnification for open source enables you to safely deploy open source and stay on top of critical updates. 

Corporate Training

We understand that you do not want to invest in new resources when your talented J2EE resources are available and understand your environment like their home. We understand that you want to use them for open source projects also. We provide hands on project like training to your existing developers/architects/admin resources. We provide on job support even after training period is over. Check out our training page for more details.

Our Client Profile

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